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Our Areas Of Specialization

The full menu of our services is vast, but all our offerings fit into one of the four following categories. Rest assured, we’ll build out a support arrangement that fits your needs perfectly.


Professional Services

IT projects ranging from solution implementation to custom development.



Strategic advice from our experts to help with future planning, budgeting and more.​


Managed Services

Real-time IT support to minimize downtime and ensure efficient operation.​

How we works

How We Works With You

Silicon Sahara Technologies will work with you to shore up specific IT weaknesses, while also implementing new or improved point solutions for you and your students as needed. Start the move toward a transformation of your full IT infrastructure.


Assemble a top-notch team

You’ll start with a Solution Development Architect and a Professional Services SME who know the unique challenges educational institutions face and how to meet them.


Provide a strategic plan​

We'll develop a plan that takes into account your existing systems and new services that. We’ll explain it all, answer your questions, and establish the metrics by which you’ll measure results.​


Design, Implement & test

The installation, implementation and test phase is structured to be as non-disruptive as possible—working during non-office hours so you’re never stuck downtime or ineffective tools.


Proactive training & 24/7 support​

We’ll take full responsibility for monitoring, managing and updating every aspect of your system. We’ll track performance, look for bottlenecks, install updates as available.​

Help & Support

Winning Phylosophy For Our Clients

Three key principles guide the technology we recommend for our clients.

Envision the future

Think about the possibilities that technology could unlock for your organization and the people you serve. Focus on that future state, and we’ll get you there.

Don’t overspend

You have limited resources. We have experts trained to find unique ways to maximize what you get out of your technology investment.

Be strategic

We want your technology to work now—and well into the future. Because of this, we’ll focus efforts on solutions that scale with your business.

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